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Terry DaVolt is a man of many talents and has a variety of programs to fit your needs!

Scroll down and read about the other types of shows and entertainment services that Terry can offer for your next event…

Sheriff Dusty Cadaver’s Wild West Freak Show

Sheriff Dusty Cadaver

Terry created and produced this featured highlight of the Haunted Benjamin Ranch and received rave reviews in Kansas City during their inaugural Halloween season.

Are you ready to bring a freak show to thrill and chill the guests at your Halloween haunted attraction? Terry can customize his Freak Show to fit your venue. Choose between the “Wild West Freak Show” or his classic “Prof. T’s Sideshow Spectacle and Freak Extravaganza!”

From Amusement Parks to Halloween or Circus Corporate Theme parties, Terry’s sideshow skills will have your audience members dropping their jaws with amazement!

Your show can include; Fire Eating, Bed of Nails, Illusions and Escapes, Electric Chair, Arrow of Death, Blockhead, and a variety of other death defying feats of amazement.

To get a sample of why Terry says “If it don’t hurt, it ain’t worth doing!”
click here and watch a short video. Then book Terry and prepare to tell your guests that “Your mind won’t believe what your eyes will see!”

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Educational School Programs

Terry’s school programs are content and age appropriate, designed for the attention span of each audience. The core content is based on sound educational principles and objectives, with most programs developed by educators. Your school’s message or specific themes can be incorporated into each event to reinforce what your students are receiving in the classroom.

Unleashing Your Mind’s Potential
(Middle School and High School Program)

Your students will be amazed at the power they have within themselves to change habits, focus better, and study more effectively after they see this program. Everyone wins in this interactive program that will have students eagerly raising their hand to volunteer for this amazing event that demonstrates the power of the mind along with the power of concentration.

Volunteers are excited to be on stage and feel what it is like to be hypnotized. Those in the audience will have an eye-opening experience as they see their peers demonstrate how powerful the mind can be using the power of hypnosis.

Faculty, teachers and parents can relax and enjoy the program knowing we guarantee this is a clean and age-appropriate presentation. This is a great program for Assemblies, After Prom and Post Grad Parties as well as college events. Terry is a Certified Stage Hypnotist and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, which means you can be assured of a safe and professional event.

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Adventures in Reading Assembly Program

(K thru 6th Grade)

Terry DaVolt

FACT: Children watch TV an average of 3 to 5 hours, daily!

Would you like to know how to reduce “TV Time” and get your students excited about reading after they see a 45-minute assembly program?

Terry DaVolt got started in show business by discovering a book in the high school library about juggling. His belief in the power of reading led Terry to combine his juggling, circus, and western skills into a highly effective program that highlights the value and importance of reading.

Terry’s “Adventures in Reading” assembly program will captivate elementary students of all ages and will change your student’s outlook about reading from something they have to do, into something they want to do!

Topics covered include Science, Circus Skills, Music, Magic and even the Wild West!

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No Bully Zone Assembly Program

(K thru 6th Grade)

No Bully Zone

“Bullying in schools is a widespread problem with millions of victims. A very high percentage of instances go unseen and unreported, making this a hidden danger.”
Jim Kleefeld, Master Teacher and Education Instructor at Cleveland State University

This is a fast, exciting, educationally sound program to help teach kids about bullying. Children will learn how to identify bullies, what to do when others bully them, and how to help friends who are being bullied. Teachers and staff will also learn many identifiers and techniques to help change, thwart or prevent bullying.

This 45-minute assembly program is designed to open communication about bullying and present some solid practical advice to help prevent it. Developed by an elementary school teacher, this program teaches

students to become more aware of this “hidden” problem through stories, games, comedy and audience participation. Everyone will learn how to make their school a kinder, safer and more fun place to be!

Terry is the only trained and licensed presenter in Western Missouri and Eastern Kansas to present this program developed by award winning educator, Jim Kleefeld.

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Need an Auctioneer for your next fundraiser event?

Look No Further…

Terry DaVolt’s auctioneer style is fast and funny. His skill, quick wit and friendly manner will keep your guests entertained while helping your school, church or nonprofit organization raise much needed money to help fund your goals and projects.

Here’s what a past client experienced…

“Terry, your auctioneer skills are amazing! You kept the crowd laughing and having fun, and that kept them bidding higher and higher. You raised almost double our previous record, which more than paid for your services! We can’t say thank you enough!”
Ana Parenti, St. Mark’s Gran Fiesta Celebration, San Marcos, CA

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To talk with Terry for booking availability, call Toll Free 1-877-745-0579.

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